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Importance of Structural Design in House Design

Beautiful Six Bedrooms Bungalow House Design:

Structural Design and Drawings are very important for buildings as heavy
reinforced (excess steel) caused sudden failure (without any warnings) in the
buildings during Earthquake while lower side provides less strength to the
buildings. Both above cases are very dangerous to our Residence/property where
we live.
The aim of designing the building is to design buildings so that it fulfils its purpose
during its intended lifetime with adequate safety (strength and stability)
serviceability (durability and stiffness) and economy keeping in mind the quality
parameter of the materials and workmanship as per Indian standard.
Safety implies that the possibility of (partial or total) Failure/collapse of the
structure is acceptably low not only under the normal loads but also under
probable overloads such as earthquake and extreme wind.
Serviceability implies satisfactory performance of the structure under service
loads, without discomfort to the user due to excessive deflection, cracking,
vibration etc.
Economy implies satisfactory use of money (lowest cost) without compromising
the strength and quality of the building materials. This all are only possible when
we use proper structural drawings with exact reinforcement detailed showing
placing and bindings of steel and work accordingly.
On the other hand if we need any changes/alteration in future, we can do the
same without any hesitation and flip flop. (i.e. what is the steel beneath the
column and beams, Can this structure is sufficiently strong to bear this much extra
load). Because every thing is known to you and it is in your record. Otherwise we
will have to take the help of some technology to find out the quality and strength
of building, which is very costly.
Please see some photograph of buildings after Gujarat Earthquake during January

The above points must be considered before construction of residence and
offices, where your near and dear ones lives/works.

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